Paul 1962

I started taking Vidalista 5 mg because of bothersome BPH during the day. (I did not have problems during the night.) After only a couple of weeks, I was better, and in less than 2 months, BPH was not a problem. I do have a somewhat stuffy nose occasionally, but this is minor. I consider myself fortunate to have seen BPH advertisements on television because the ads prompted me to ask my doctor about Vidalista.

Mark ST

First time when I took vidalista it (6 days) made my ankle swell twice there size, taking 5 mg, so I stop taking it. I do have ED and Bph so one pill for 2 ailments sounded great. Next DR appointment we discussed the problem and decided to try it again I’m on day 8 no ankle problem Bph getting better but no erection. Since it has been 10 years for my last erection. it may take 30 to 45 days to take affect according to some experts. I guess only time will tell